FACT: If you do business online without using a professional copywriter you're 97% likely to be losing money ... even if you're presently making a profit! Here's ...

"How To Put More Cash-Sucking Power Into Your Online Marketing--Guaranteed"

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Let The Internet's Leading Direct-Response Copywriter And Copywriting Coach Create Your Next 'Million-Dollar' Campaign. His clients have seen 38%, 183% and up to 1,603 % increase in sales from his copywriting. He has turned ordinary people into Net Millionaires. The only question left is: 'What can he do for YOUR business?'


"Now I Make 10 Times More Sales!"

copywriting clientI was making about 1 sale for every 100 visitors to my website. Considering that I was paying for those visitors using PPC search engines I was losing money because of the small profit margin of my product.

That's when I hired Ray to rewrite my sales letter. Although I still pay for traffic to my website now my sales are up 10 times! Yes, that's a 10% conversion rate!!

Ray has literally stuffed money in my pocket and I cannot wait for my website to rank higher in the search engines. With the increase in free traffic my profit will even be more.

I would recommend Ray's service to anyone who wants to boost their profit from their website.

-Dr. Brad Krueger, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.


f you already have an online presence, I'd like to tell you how to make your business better, how to ramp up your profits ... regardless of the results you're getting right now.

.....If you're about to launch a new online business, then I can save you a ton of unnecessary frustration ... trial and error ... pain and suffering. I'm talking about getting you the highest returns on your investment in the shortest possible time.

.....Let me ask you a question: Are you making the common and BIG mistake of spending thousands of dollars on your product development and website design, BUT trying to write the website copy yourself?

.....Or Or perhaps you think because no one really knows your business like you (which is true), no one can write persuasively about your business like you (which is not quite true--except you're an experienced copywriter yourself--in which case you don't need my services).

.....But simply because you know your business best doesn't mean that you're best qualified to write in a way to sell your product or service.

.....Think about it: I may know my car best because I drive it often, so I know a lot more about driving my car than my mechanic ... but I'll be foolish to think I'm the best qualified to do a major repair on my car.

.....In fact, (and this is a PARADOX) the closer you are to your business, the less qualified you are to write to sell your product and services because you're too close to the trees to see the forest.

My clients are often amazed how I'm able to see at least seven more benefits hidden in their products which they haven't even thought about.

.....Continue reading below to find out what I mean ...


The Most Overlooked, Yet Important Secret To Online Business Success

..Effective sales copy is one of the most important and yet commonly overlooked factor in your business' success!

And sometimes just a change in one sentence can double or even triple your sales ...

.....The question is: "Which sentence?"

.....Listen up: Your sales message needs to perform three main functions:

1 Grab your readers attention. Your headline, page layout, judicial use of white space and 'Johnson boxes' are critical here.

2 Persuade the reader on the superior benefits your product or service offer. Yes, you must be able to connect every feature of your product with a direct benefit to the prospect. (This is often easier said than done.)

3 Seduce the reader into buying your product or service right away. You see, just because your prospects are convinced your offer can improve their lives, doesn't mean they'll buy now.

.....Most people will want to 'think about it for a little while'. That's where the best price, a compelling offer, firm deadlines and a guarantee come in handy.

.....In short, if your sales message fails at any one of these 3 steps ... it would've been less painful to just flush your hard earned money down the toilet!

.....But let's face it, you're reading this letter because you want more than just the "same-o, same-o". Yes! You want results--quickly and easily.

.....Think of it: All that may be standing between you and making a massive income online or off-line) are just words ...


Plain And Simple Words ...

But words placed in the correct order. ... The order that evokes the strongest emotions in your prospects towards your product.


9 out of 10 web site designers either don't have the skill or just don't care if your site actually makes any money. They get paid just to "build" your site, not make you money.

Fancy, complicated websites don't sell. No matter how they make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Words are what do the selling. And you have to be certain that your website design is not distracting from the selling power of your marketing message.

.....Hello, my name is Ray L. Edwards. And over 23 years ago I funded my second college degree by selling religious and health books door to door.

.....Try selling religious books! ... Try selling door to door! ... It ain't easy ... but I was able to support myself through college doing just that.

.....This vital, real-life, hitting-the-pavement selling experience gave me an unfair advantage in crafting compelling sales letters.

Why? Because after studying and practicing the techniques of face-to-face selling, it was easy to translate these secrets into print.

.....You see, writing a persuasive sales letter is like having a personal conversation with a prospect--just like I'm having with you right now. Except this time you have complete control of the direction of the conversation.

Imagine that!


But That's Only
Part Of The Story ...

.....I've also painstakingly studied the principles taught by masters of direct response marketing such as John Caples, Robert Collier, David Ogilvy, Vic Schwab, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Robert Bly, Joe Sugarman, Carl Galletti, Claude Hopkins, Eugene M. Schwarz, Jay Abraham and Gary Bencivenga ... just to name a few ...

.....And 3 years ago I launched my own coaching program where I teach aspiring copywriters how to write engaging copy. So I'm either writing copy, teaching how to write copy, studying master copywriters ... you get the idea ... I dream in copy!

.....All modesty aside, my postgraduate GPA was 3.9 I hold degrees in Physics and Religion and I'm educated in both LOGIC and HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY. Not to mention that I'm also a published author.

And this letter you're reading right now has been 'ripped off' (they call this 'swiped' in the copywriting world) by other 'top copywriters' more times than I want to admit.

.....But the truth is, I've made enough mistakes over the years to know what doesn't work! Oh Yes, ... you can sometimes find out more from your failures than from your successes. The sales letters that bombed can teach a lot about what mistakes to avoid.

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Put My 14 Years Of Experience As A Copywriter To Work For You .......


What's more, since 1996 I was drawn to online advertising using the free AOL ad forums --talk about the good old days! I also wrote a marketing piece called "How to Choose a MLM Long Distance Company" that recruited thousands to an MLM company and made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

.....And I wrote that marketing piece before I had studied one book on copywriting. (I had already studied books on face-to-face selling.) Now I devour every copywriting book I can get my hands on ... I'm talking thousands of pages! (Learning this art never ends.)

.....So I've worked as a high school and college teacher, research and development engineer, PC repair and network technician, door-to-door salesman and I'm a trained pastor. I'm especially gifted in taking difficult technical concepts and making them as simple as ABC to understand.

.....The bottom line is, I've crafted sales letters and email autoresponder series that have sold MILLIONS of dollars worth of products and recruited hundreds into various online opportunities.

.....One marketer commented on a popular forum that my sales letter "sold like water in the Sahara desert!" This made me blush of course but the guy is telling it as he sees it. ;)

....And on the most popular copywriting forum online today, my sales letter was recommended by owner, Copywriter Michel Fortin, as an example for other copywriters to learn from ... (an unsolicted testimonial--he didn't know who wrote the copy.)

Copywriters Board

.....I've written and ghostwritten several ebooks and recently published another. And I can go on and on ...

.....But you really want to know what I can do for your business ... so


Here's How
YOU Benefit BIG Time!!

After years of learning the ropes on how to sell online and off-line, I'm ready to take your business to the next level.

.....And how do I know my years of experience will work for you?

..... Because my marketing letters have already sold millions of dollars online for my copywriting clients ... people just like you ... businesses just like yours.

.....Just recently, I crafted a letter for a client which doubled his sales in just two days of posting the new letter to his website.

.....Another client increased his membership subscription by over $15,000 per month after just one week of posting the new sales letter I did for his business!! (See my portfolio)

......In short, if you want a website that sells like crazy ... webcopy so hot that it burn holes in your monitor ... and emails that don't take "no" for an answer, then you've come to the right place.

.Of course you could learn to write your own copy. And even if you don't ever intend to write for your business you still should learn the principles of copywriting. Why? Because this will help you in your business and you'll appreciate my hard work even more. :)

.....But you don't mess around inside your TV set and you are smart enough to know that you should get an experienced copywriter to craft your sales letter -- it's just common sense.

.....Stop guessing and changing your website and guessing again. You have better ways to spend your time and money. Because all the time you waste trying to get it just right translates into money slipping through your fingers.

.....Let a million-dollar sales producing copywriter handle your salescopy ... it's just the sensible thing to do. (That's if you're serious about your business.)

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"Why Should I Choose You
To Write My Advertising Copy?"

"I Was Blown Away!"

copywriting client

Hi Ray,

I've got to say I'm blown away with the killer copy you did for some of my sites.

You've a way of getting the message across to the prospects that convinces them to act immediately!

I highly suggest anyone needing profit-pulling copy that gets the sale to get you first!

Ultimate success,

-Ewen Chia
Instant Marketing Secrets Inc.


I'll give you not one, but three reasons.

.....Reason #1. This is a full-time business for me. It's what I invest my time in--reading and studying all the latest test results and online selling strategies. I know I must deliver because that's what I do for a living.

.....So do you think that I'll ruin my reputation as a master copywriter by doing sloppy work for you ? No way!! (I've delivered for all my clients so far!)

.....Many direct marketing copywriters just write for off-line marketers. Although there are a lot of similarities between online and off-line copywriting, the internet is a new medium.

.....My skills extend beyond just writing great copy. I'm also trained in website design as it relates to visitor usability factors.

.....The language you use in an email is different to what you write in a snail mail. It has to do with the medium. I understand this.

.....Reason #2. I genuinely (and selfishly) want you to succeed in your business. That may sound a little 'corny' to you. A little 'goody-goody'. And I understand. People are becoming more and more skeptical that there are still people in business who really care.

.....And Enron didn't help.

.....Naturally you'll think that I write copy to make money for myself. And of course that's why I'm in business (and I suspect you are too!) to make more money. But if you don't succeed with my copy there's no amount of money you can pay me to compensate for the terrible feeling of letting you down. ...That's me. ... Ask my wife.

.....Reason #3. My work has proven itself by selling multiple millions in online sales within the last year alone. Yes! I've taken 'ordinary' people with a dream and a product and turned them into internet millionnaires. And some of them were barely out of college or with no college education at all.


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And Here's What You Get
When You Hire Me
To Write Your Salescopy ...

  • FREE quote and evaluation of your current sales material...no hidden charges. You get a free 15 minute phone consultation or evaluation sent by email with no further obligation on your part.

  • Order-pulling, mouthwatering copy that have your website visitors dishing out their credit cards faster than a John Wayne gun draw in a Western movie.
  • 3 Website reviews after delivering the final product to tweak your letter where necessary - FREE of charge! I'll become your partner in business.

  • If you already have a sales letter that isn't earning its keep, I can provide you with a critique or rewrite and so improve your conversion rate. (Many business owners on a tight budget opt for this.)

  • You have a partner who understands what selling online is from firsthand experience. I just don't write sales copy but I know from doing, what marketing online involves. I'm in the trenches with you.

  • Straight upfront costs so you know how to budget your advertising dollars-- no hidden costs and surprises here. You will know ahead of time what the total cost will be.

  • You get the option to have me write your special 'advertorial' reports (to give away in exchange for leads), your autoresponder email series and 'thank you' page. Even your Pay-Per-Click ads and affiliate copy.

  • A guaranteed increase in your conversion rate and your bottom line or FREE reviews and consultation until you do! Yes, even if I have to rewrite your copy from scratch I'll get you in profit fast.

  • A professional job at a reasonable fee that any small business owner can afford. If you can't afford me before I write your copy you'll be able to after I write your copy.

"Within 30 days I recovered my investment ..."

copywriting clients

Hi Ray,

I am most impressed with the salesletter and autoresponder series you wrote for my niche.

I gave you materials on a subject you knew nothing about and turned it into a package that's consistently converting at three percent!

Within 30 days I recovered my investment in your work and am now profiting every single day.

Thanks again Ray for the excellent service and fantastic work.

I highly recommend you to anyone who asks who my copywriter is.

Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

- Richard Aubin, Ontario, Canada

copywriting client

Hi Ray,

I just can't believe you came up with such an incredible salesletter for my new site in just a few days.

It's almost as if you and I were completely on the same page, and you knew what I was thinking and what I wanted to express to my customers.

Thanks Ray for the awesome job you did. I could NEVER have come up with something even remotely this professional if I tried to do my own letter.

I know a sales letter is perhaps the MOST important part of any site becoming successful. In many ways even more important than the PRODUCT ...So again THANKS for a job INCREDIBLY done!

-Sheila Newth, San Francisco, CA.

.....My client base runs from small upstart businesses to well established larger-sized businesses. They all want one result .. more profit.

.....They pay my five-figure fees because my work brings them six-figure profits. Many consider my writing the best investment they've made in their online business.

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Why My Service Is Really FREE!

.....Have you ever bought a service in the past based on the lowest price only to be disappointed when the job was finished?

.....How did this make you feel?

.....Are you primarily worried about price--or with quality and results?

.....You see, I believe in delivering QUALITY work. What do I mean by 'quality work'?

Your profits would cover my copywriting fee in minimum amount of time. Period!

.....But I don't stop there. I also believe in OVER-DELIVERING. In other words you'll gladly pay me ten times my fee because of the incredible results you're experiencing.

.....Now listen up here: I don't work on the cheap. I don't cut corners. I don't believe in wasting your time.

My aim is to produce results for you that will just knock your socks off.

...And you'll feel guilty about hiring a different copywriter after using me.

.....Simple as that...

.....Frankly, I think you're free to dabble in writing your own copy. You can take some quick course that promises to make you a copywriter overnight.

.....You can even buy one of those "fill-in-the-blanks" salesletter creation products. But copywriting is not a formula but a skill you develop over years of practice. So ...

Why Would You Want To Take Chances With Your Business Success By Not Using A Professional?

.....Its' a lot cheaper in the end to hire me now and get the job done right than hire a cheaper writer, pay their fee, then pay me again to correct their mistakes.

.....II DARE you to put me to the test and I'll beat any 'try-out' copy that you're using right now, hands down!

..... My clients often 'complain' that they got a lot more than they expected for the money they paid. (It's called over-delivering ... Remember?)

.....In the same way when you start witnessing the sales pouring in you'll realize my small fee was your best investment-- not an expense at all.

.....In fact, I insist that you make a side-by-side comparison of my copywriting results with that of any other copywriter. Then after doing a 'split test' (i.e. run my copy against theirs) you can judge for yourself the selling power of my copy.

....I'll study your particular business needs and your present marketing plan and find all the profit leaks that need plugging. Because you're so close to your business it's often tough for you to see the full potential.

....I take the time to study your competition and see what's working for them and 'steal' these strategies to make you more money. You'll be surprised to know how much you can find out by just 'spying' on your competition.

....I don't cut corners when it comes to placing you in profit fast because I know that when you win I also win a new client.

....It's a complete domino effect. In fact, most of my clients stick with me and pledge not to use another copywriter because of the surprising results they got from my copywriting and consultation.

....No doubt you'll do the same as well.

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Are You Hurting Your Own Business?
A Lesson In Being 'Dollar Wise'

The one purpose of your business is to get more customers. Period. More customers means more money.

Most business owners don't realize the great investment that strong copywriting is to their business. Sad but true.

Now let's imagine you're selling a product that's priced at $100, and for every 100 visitors to your website you make 1 sale. That's a 1% conversion on sales. In other words, 1% of your visitors make a purchase.

If you hired the services of a talented copywriter like myself your sales can improve to 3 sales per 100 visitors; so that's 3% conversion.

Now let's be very conservative and say that you were making 10 sales or $1,000 per week. If I can improve your sales to 3% conversion rate you'll be making $3,000 per week instead.

That's $2,000 extra per week or $104,000 per year!!

Do you see why my small fee is such a great investment in your business? Because in the final analysis I'm really working for FREE--as far as you are concerned!

Keep in mind that I'm paid only once (EXCEPT for royalty arrangements), but you keep that sales letter to make you money year after year.

Can you see why I say that business owners who begrudge a copywriter's fee are only harming themselves?

It's called being "penny wise and pound foolish."

You see, your website is like your salesman in print. The only difference is that you don't have to pay him a monthly salary plus commissions ... nor pay his health insurance.

But ignore him, and your business that you've invested your hard-earned dollars into will just disappear.

If you continue doing business with the 1% salescopy, you're really LOSING $104,000 per year! Think about that.

But just don't think; DO something about it ...

"The surest way to overspend in advertising is not to spend enough to do a job properly. It's like buying a ticket three-quarters of the way to Europe; you have spent some money, but you do not arrive"
-Charlie Motimer as quoted by David Ogilvy in
Confessions of an Advertising Man p.116

"There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey"
-John Ruskin (emphasis mines)

Click HERE to send for your FREE Quote!

.....One of the deadliest mistakes made by business owners is to cut back on their advertising budget when sales are slow. That's the very time you should be investing in your marketing--like hiring a copywriter like myself!

.....Here's why: If you are making just $100 per day from your online business and great sales copy could improve this to $150 per day, this will translate into an extra $18,250 per year!


Here's How
We'll Work Together ...

.....You'll submit 50% of the total fee and your signed agreement along with the completed questionnaire. This questionnaire will give me the information about your business and your target market so I can begin my research and brainstorming for writing your sales material.

I'll review all the material you send me and study everything I can about your target customers:

... reviewing the typical magazines they read

... studying the ads they have previously responded to

... visiting online forums where they congregate to learn their special language, pain and frustrations

... strategizing new techniques to arrest their attention and win their loyalty for your company and products

In other words, I leave no stone unturned in building a plan that will get you more loyal customers than you've ever enjoyed before.

Then, and only then, when all of my research is finished, I start crafting you a sales campaign that will surely balloon your bottom line.

.....On my delivery of the initial draft the other 50% will then be due. You'll have 3-5 days to preview this and suggest any changes. If necessary I'll review the letter 2 more times within a 45 day period if it needs further tweaking.

.....In the *rare case that your sales still have not improved, I'll provide further consultation until it does. It's as simple as that.

(*Note: If I think that your product or service sucks, then I'll not take on your project. Excellent copy can improve your sales but not the quality of what you are selling. I only write for clients with high quality products with a hungry target market. If I think you are trying to sell sand in the desert, I'll decline to work with you.)


"What If I Need A Complete Marketing Funnel?"

.....Well, I'll say you're in luck!

.....You see, the majority of copywriters just write copy and you're left alone to fit that sales letter into your present marketing funnel. But my skills go far beyond just writing persuasive ads.

.....I also find that when clients employ me to handle more than one aspect of their website marketing plan, they see greater success. For example, when I write the sales letter and the autoresponder series they get better results than when I write the sales letter only.

.....You see, I'm not only a copywriter, but a published author, ghostwriter, editor, Internet marketing consultant and speech writer. What this means for you is that I can provide you with ALL your writing and website marketing needs.

This includes:

  • Press Releases
  • Sales Letter
  • Testimonials (Cover Letters)
  • Order Forms
  • Lead Generation Page
  • Special FREE Reports / Articles
  • Autoresponder Series
  • Email Promotion / Solo Ads / PPC Ads / Google™ Adwords / Facebook Ads
  • Customer Follow-up Messages
  • Website Design - navigation, layout, text choice, color etc. (Consultation only.)

.....Bottom line? You're at the the Wal-Mart™ of Internet marketing! So let me handle the marketing of your website and you take care of your customers and the new flood of profit.

.....You can have me prepare all your marketing pieces and save on both time and money . ... Not to mention the peace of mind of knowing that your marketing is in the hands of a proven professional.


My 100 % Satisfaction,
Ironclad, Gentleman's Word
Promise To You...

.....If my webcopy fails to produce an increase in your sales, I will work with you until it does up to 90 days. This means you'll have my FREE consultation to get you into profit fast. I just don't deliver your copy and then say, "Good-bye!"

..... In fact, most of my clients return to me for repeat business because I provide this FREE ongoing consultation.

.....So just think about the sales that are presently slipping through the cracks in your present webcopy that could've meant cash piling up in your bank account. Not to mention the frustration of missing out on these sales ...

.....How much longer can you afford to keep hitting your head against the wall? image - copywriter Just imagine what one small decision can do for your business and your life!

.....Do you think that I'm confident about what my skills can do for your business when I make a personal promise like that?

"My Sales Increased By 1600%!"

copywriting client
I was about to give up on my ebook project because I hired a copy writer and I still could not make sales!
I knew of Ray and dreamed about hiring him (really).
So I saved my money and hired Ray to rewrite my copy and write a seven day email series. The week I put Rays work to the test I sold 8 books!

That may not sound like a big deal but before Ray I was selling a book every two weeks.

If you're thinking about using Ray, DO IT! I'm going
to use him again and again for any new projects that need advertising copy.

-Craig Desorcy, Chiba-shi, Chiba , Japan.


A Few Things Before You Contact Me ...

.....I don't write for certain markets. These include gambling, adult industry, psychic industry, questionable pharmaceuticals and anything that goes against my core values.

Why? Because it's almost impossible to write persuasive copy for something I don't believe in. So the effort will not be even worth my time.

.....You have to understand also that my job is to make your business more money.

You have to plant seeds to get more seeds. So if you intend to bargain my fees (which are already VERY reasonable) then you're asking me to compromise my high standards.

....."How is that so?" you may ask. It's just tough to give you Porsche quality at Hyundai prices.

.....It's hard to write good copy on an empty stomach! (Ever heard the proverb that an army marches on its stomach?)

So please don't try to starve the goose that lays the golden egg ...

.....Also keep in mind that you may be the expert in your business, BUT I'm the expert on SELLING your products and services. If you can't live with that relationship then better not use my services.

.....I just don't have time to waste with clients who question my every judgment and know all the answers to the questions they are asking me.

I'm highly selective of who I choose to work with. If you know you're hard to get along with, then please find another copywriter to work with and don't waste my time. (Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the plain truth!)

....The bottom line is that I'm an upfront and down-to-earth individual, and I'm just looking for an honest business relationship.

......If you're still with me then proceed ….


"OK, I'm Ready To Get Started,
What Should I Do Now?"

Now here's how we'll work together to turn your business into a profit genie ...

.....You'll first send for your free quote after which you'll be asked to fill out the questionnaire and return it to me along with your 50% downpayment. I cannot give you a quote (not even "ball park") before you complete the questionnaire.

.....I'll then fit you into my schedule and give you a tentative completion date --- normally 4 to 8 weeks depending on the scope of the project and my present workload.

.....If you need a rush job of 2-3 weeks turn around then you must add a 50% surcharge to your total payment. This bumps you up toward the top of my schedule.

.....For a critique you can send me the information by email or normal mail and I will return the completed suggestions within 1-2 weeks of your submission.

.....As word spread about the incredible results my clients are getting my schedule is getting very crazy. I can only write so many sales letters per month. The longer you wait the more likely you are to miss out getting on my schedule. Whenever I'm booked for several months I have to stop taking clients until my schedule clears.

Finally, know that you're paying for my services whether you use me or not.



.....So Ask yourself this question: "Which is greater: the amount of money I'm losing because my website isn't selling ... Or the amount of money I need to invest in a professional copywriter?"

.....The answer should help you decide ....

Yours For A Successful Business! .....

Salesletter writer
Ray L. Edwards
Copywriter Coach, Published Author of 5 books
Internet Marketing Consultant.

P.S. Products and services, however great, just don't sell themselves. You need the power-packed words and burning hot copy that will motivate your prospects into buyers. Business owners often buy into the fallacy that product superiority means marketing advantage ... please don't fall into this trap! Before you make a sale your prospects don't know your product or service is superior.

P.P.S. Just one small change in your salesletter could breathe new life into a dying business .. but the questions is 'which words?' Let me find them and craft you a salesletter you can be proud of ... and your banker too! Click HERE to get your FREE quote!

P.P.P.S. Your best value is the Website Marketing Package deal. Here I'll craft ALL your marketing pieces for a reduced price over paying for them individually.

Click Here To See Samples of My Work ...

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