Sneaky Marketing Trick

I learned this marketing trick from Terry Dean. I purchased many moons ago his Internet Marketing Protege Program resale license and he included as one of the bonuses a 30 minute personal consultation with himself.

But I never used this. He “confessed” that he included it because he knew that 99% of the people buying the package would not use it either. You see, there are bonuses that you can add that takes advantage of the natural laziness of humankind. Most people are just too lazy to respond with the coupon, so you give your product value without losing profit.

Now this is the same idea behind REBATES. Why not just give a discount? Because if you gave a discount you would lose a lot of money, but again, the business is depending on the laziness of humankind, knowing that MOST people would not bother to send the rebate form in so they never have to give the discount!
What value can you add to your product that you know most people would never use?

For one of my products I offer a $500 coupon and after hundreds of sales it has NEVER been used!! But I know that this bonus has pushed many buyers over the buying line, making me more sales. I’m sure you can do the same.

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