The Most Powerful Copywriting Concept In The Universe

Well that’s one title for a post but I believe this to be true and I’ll tell you WHY even if you don’t agree with me.

Now first let me explain what I mean by “concept”. Before you start writing a sales letter you must have the main angle, idea, USP, offer in mind. All those words are different ways of saying the “selling idea behind the product”.

Now lets take an example.

I was once hired to write a sales letter for a college student who was offering a membership site to sell PLR products. Now, back in those days this idea was just getting popular but I needed a way to differentiate his product from other marketers.

So the concept/angle/USP I used was here’s of a college kid who was making more than his professors in his spare time. This became the selling idea behind the letter and so the product (which was pretty plain–PLR products) became secondary to the concept.

So Product = PLR membership
Concept = College kids making more money than professors

Did it work? Like gangbusters. He was making high 5-figures per month before he decided to finally sell the site.

Now every copywriting project should start with a CONCEPT even before you write one word of copy.

So what is the most powerful selling concept in the universe?

HERE IS IT: There is an AUTHORITY who pretends to care about you but is really hiding SECRETS from you that can drastically improve your life even to the extent of becoming just like the AUTHORITY figure.

If you can ethically use this concept in any of your sales promotions USE IT!!!

Now here is my reason for choosing this concept and where I may part company with some people …

This is the selling point that the Devil used to trick perfect humans into eating the forbidden fruit and it still works today.

According to the Genesis account, the Serpent convinced Eve that God was only keeping some hidden secrets from her, which if she knew she would be a god herself.

Even though this was used for ‘trickery’ it still sells products like crazy and here’s why: PEOPLE WANT TO BELIEVE THAT THE REASONS FOR THEIR FAILURE IS OUTSIDE OF THEMSELF!

It’s not hard to convince people that it’s not their fault why they are not more successful, thinner, healthier, better looking, making more money, .etc. It’s BIG parents, BIG company, BIG government, BIG mysterious force outside there (the mystical “they”) that’s holding them back.

And when they mess up it was the Devil that made them do it.

No wonder the ” … THEY don’t want you to know …” is one of the most seductive phrases in a headline.

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