Get Your Sales Letter Critiqued For Just $297!

I’ve just launched a new website where I offer my copywriting critique services for an unbeatable $297! With this new service clients can get a 45-90 minute screen capture video critique of their website which they can review at their convenince and implement the suggested changes themsleves, saving thousands of dollars.

I decided to make this a stand alone service since several people have found great value in my critiques who otherwise would not be able to afford my writing fees of $5,000 to $25,000 for a new sales letter.

In these critiques I go through the sales letter and website point by point and uncover several ways in which the copy could be improved and so sales.

I’ve found in my experience as a copywriting coach that many students come to me who have read several copywriting books and even gone to seminars but just couldn’t put all these pieces of information together into a working sales letter. After reviewing a couple of their sales letter they finally “got it!” and their copywriting improved drastically.

I’m looking forward to helping a lot more online businesses improve their sales and copywriting skills.

Ray Edwards, Copy Coach

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