The Numbers Don’t Lie!

(Editorial note: Below is an article I wrote back in 2003. It’s a little dated but the principles are still the same.)

There is a survival technique that is very common in nature. Sea turtles, for example, use this. What’s it? They lay a lot of eggs and so produce a great numbers of offspring ‘knowing’ that only a few will make it to maturity.

We see this in other places in the animal world as well, even in humans. A man produces millions of seeds to fertilize one egg! What a waste … well not really – the more sperm, the greater the chances for fertilization to take place.

Just this morning I read during my daily devotion:

“Sow your seed in the morning,
and at evening let not your hands be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed,
whether this or that,
or whether both will do equally well”.

(Ecclesiastes 11:6)

What’s the lesson here? It’s all in the numbers!

You see, when I first started to advertise online I was very disappointed in the meager returns. I sent my ad to thousands of classified sites and safelists and sometimes made no sales. Then I decided to build my own email list and only after the list went beyond 10,000 that I started to see any sales.

It happened almost like a miracle. Now tell me why didn’t those SAME buyers make the purchase when my list was just under 10,000? It’s almost like a law of nature.

It’s also a lesson in persistence. If I had given up at 9,000 then I would have never seen the results that I got after 10,000.

You will discover that the difference between the marketer who is making money online and those who are not is that the successful marketer has a greater reach – they market to more people either directly or through affiliates. Success comes to ANYONE who understands this principle.

You see, the failing marketer cuts back on his advertising budget when sales are low in order to save money while the successful marketer spends MORE on advertising when times are hard.

Did you get that? Most newbies after losing a couple hundred dollars run away and say that this Internet thing does not work. I spent over $3,000 online BEFORE I made my first penny. Was I frustrated? Oh yes .. but I knew that others were doing it and I only needed to do whatever they were doing — and be PERSISTENT with it.

So how many sales did you make last month? How many exposures of your ad were needed to make that sale? If you want to improve that number then simply increase the exposure. If this increase in exposure will mean a loss to you then you have to find NEW ways of advertising but not stop advertising.

A door-to-door salesman knows just how many doors he has to knock on to make one sale. So what does he do to improve his sales? He knocks on more doors – simple isn’t it?

Is just doing more the key to success? Well, yes and no. You need to do more of what works. If you find that one method of advertising is not working for you then you put more into those campaigns that work. This is assuming of course that you are tracking your campaign ads and know where your sales are coming from. You will still find that the harder you work the ‘luckier’ you will get.

Going back to the sea turtle, not only does she lay a lot of eggs but she seeks out the sand where it is warm and the environment is just ideal. You too should place your advertising dollars where they are most likely to hatch into a healthy bottom line.

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