The Golden Key to Online Business Success

successEveryone knows the weight-loss industry is a billion dollar a year market. It seems there is no end to the weigh-loss books that line the shelves at bookstores.
So the big question is “Why are Americans still so overweight?” It cannot be for a lack of knowledge because there is a ton of books out there. The answer has to be that people read the books but never implement the advice.

There can be a lot of debate about which diet is the better one and, being a vegetarian myself, I have my biases. Still whatever diet is followed requires discipline to carry them out and to stick with the plan. There can be a BIG gap between ‘what I know’ and ‘what I do’.

Think about the number of ebooks you have read and the number of training materials you’ve been through. Have you implemented at least 10% of the advice given there? I’ve found that there is a lot of good information that you can get online without spending a dime but you must be a DO-er and not just a READ-er.

Ironically, the programs that sells the best are those promising you ‘no work’. People will always be duped into thinking they can just sit back and make money. At the same time the people online who are making a steady income are the hard workers–the Do-ers.

Are you a READ-er or a DO-er. What about the last article that was so inspiring to you. Did you follow through on all the ideas you got from it?

I’ve found that the harder I work the luckier I get.

The Golden Key to your online business success is called “work.” It’s a four-letter word many people are afraid of but there is no other way. Anyone who will tell you otherwise is only trying to steal your money. There are many tools that will speed up this process but you still have to use the tools!

So how much work have you invested in promoting your online business? Have you submitted your website to the Search Engines? What about trading links with other webmasters? Have you tried writing an article? What about asking for joint ventures? Have you been promoting your affiliate programs? Learn to use the Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click search engines? The list goes on but they all involve time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight but it CAN HAPPEN!

It takes effort to TEST your advertisement campaigns, fine-tuning your webcopy and improving your conversion rate. Most people just throw up a website and hope that it does well. The successful marketer tests, test and then test again. There is no magic here just plain work. Show me a successful businessperson who got to the top without hard work. Point taken.

Stop looking for the latest “secret to success” product and use what you already have. You will be surprised to know the number of people who have bought courses worth hundreds of dollars and never implemented one idea from the course if they bothered to read it.

The door of success demands that it is opened by the Golden Key of ‘hard work’. Those who try to go through the windows soon find that the house mysteriously disappears.

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