Forget Talent. Can You Cackle?

marketing chickenLife is not fair.

As a business owner I’m sure you know of inferior products and services that do a lot better than yours. You gripe and sigh and wonder how can people buy those lower quality products while yours rot on the shelf?

It’s all about marketing.

I always wonder about the miracle that takes place in the life of the winners of the American Idol show. Possessing all that talent how could these winning contestant remain hidden for so long?

The answer again is lack of marketing.

Once they enter the competition millions of people suddenly become aware of them and the rest is history.

There are so many business owners who think a great or even superior product will guarantee their success in the marketplace. But if life were only that simply. If people don’t know that your product exists, you’ll remain undiscovered like an American Idol winner before entering the show.

This reminds me of the poem:

‘The codfish lays ten thousand eggs,

The homely hen lays one.

The codfish never cackles

To tell you what she’s done-

And so we scorn the codfish

While the humble hen we prize.

It only goes to show you

That is pays to advertise!

– Anonymous

Products don’t sell themselves and talent isn’t worth squat if people don’t know how good you are. There are no ‘entitlement tickets’ that you can use to enter the halls of business success.

And in this attention age where you are competing with millions of other business owners for consumer attention, modesty is no virtue.

I’ve seen many marketers who have separated themselves from the crowd by just being ‘wacky’, crazy and a little off the edge. Are these marketers really out of their minds? No. They are cackling!

About six years ago when I started marketing my copywriting services online, the number of other copywriters advertising in Google could be counted on my fingers. It was easy way back then to get a top 10 position in Google’s natural search results without even trying.

Today the tables have turned. You have to be intentional to get those high rankings because your competition is trying to bury you alive.

Nobody cares that you are better. You may lay a thousand eggs compared to your competition but the question is, ‘Can you cackle as loud?’ Are you advertising in the places you should with the consistency you should? Are you striking those Joint Ventures you need to stay competitive? How about your social marketing? What are you doing to get the word out?

It’s hardly likely that you’ll get a show like American Idol to give you instant publicity, so you have to break through the barriers for yourself and the internet provides unique opportunities to this. Just one popular video on YouTube can skyrocket your business into the record books.

I’ve learned in my short life that success in any area has more to do with hard work than inspiration; more with effort than talent.

So how is your cackling?

2 Responses to “Forget Talent. Can You Cackle?”

  1. Great Poem!

    I know what you mean about a YouTube post, I have one up that is an EDS vid, called Cat Hearders. I have 225000 hits, sometimes 4000 a day. I usually have a site referenced in the comment section.

  2. This is probably the hardest thing for a quiet person like myself to formulate – I can hype for others but not myself. I tend to do things well-enough to be able to occupy the backstage with no problems but taking the center stage is hard unless it is something I really feel I excell. Online the personal level is not immediate and is hard to build quickly. I want to enter the Virtual Assistant market but I m not sure if I should go out on my own or try to connect with an established group.

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