An Internet Marketing Success Story

nctsbook Over six years ago I made my first attempt at creating an info product to sell online. I did the graphics, sales letter, writing, editing, marketing and promotion and everything else that went into this ebook. It was my first REAL online success and sold over $100,000!! It is still available online even though I don’t promote it as much as I did before.


Apart from the “traffic secret” to be found in the book it turned out that the sales letter was one of the highest converting online sales letter I ever wrote. This letter has converted from 5-15% consistently over the years. This letter is so powerful that even people who didn’t buy the product wrote me to tell me why they were not going to buy!


I’ve also produced a copywriting tutorial explaining the techniques I used in this letter. It is a course in online copywriting. You may see the sales letter for the video at

In this video I detail step-by-step the techniques I used in this letter to make it a powerful selling tool that has earned me tens of thousands of dollars on autopilot. There are not many online sales letters or products that have survived that long in the internet marketing world.

When I first launched this product I priced it at $10. Because the sales were coming in so fast I raised the price to $15, $20, $30, $40, $47 before settling at $37 which turned out to be the highest profit-producing price.

I’ve used this letter as my testing lab by testing different:

  • headlines
  • background colors
  • text font and size
  • header or no header graphics
  • bonuses
  • offers
  • guarantees

The point is that the letter didn’t just appear by magic but I’ve made incremental changes over the years to try and improve the converting power of this letter. Except through the stroke of genius or good luck a successful sales letter usually takes time and testing to bring it to full maturity. Most marketers are too easily satisfied with their copy to test different approaches and elements of their copy to try and improve conversion.

Take some time to read the sales letter at and let me know if you agree that this is one powerful sales tool.


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