My Philosophy of Life

fishWhen you strip away all the facade and image ‘branding’ we all are left with what we really consider to be the most important things in life. I see this all the time when I read the posts on marketing forums about loss of a family member and other such tragedies. We are not as tough as we appear and when life throws us into unexpected turns we seek an anchor.

What do we really believe in? Are there absolutes? Is there good and evil in the world or are we just accidents of nature. Is there design? What about a higher being? Does this Being have a plan for our lives. These are all deep questions that we cannot escape even we try to hide behind academic theories and unproven fables.

For me I find my answer in the Bible. I accept it as the voice of God to man and all of life’s toughest questions could be answered within its pages. It defines for me right and wrong and tells me not only the high origins of man but his high destiny as well. This book has shaped my life like nothing else.

I believe it is the ultimate source of wisdom of any kind and to stray away from its precepts is to court death. It is a book that almost everyone has an opinion on and few have read. Its survival to our day is a strong testimony to its origin and the blow of the skeptic’s hammer has been silenced by this anvil.

I find it interesting how many people scream “religion” whenever the Bible is mentioned without realizing that as soon as they make a judgment call they are also pushing their religion as well. How can one make a moral call without a standard? Murder, theft, adultery, greed, covetousness, bribery, incest, spousal abuse … all indicate that we have a sense of right and wrong. Well, what is the standard for that wrong? Religion?

People who claim not to believe in God and yet preach preservation of the environment right away sets a standard of “preservation” as being good. But who said that destruction of the environment was bad? Again, where is the standard?

My point here is that God is really difficult to escape.

But “religious” people are often cast as being less logical and intellectual than the atheist. For example, the evolutionist is often presented as coming with science whereas the religious person comes with faith. But the evolutionist cannot prove his theories anymore than the creationist. So who needs faith? Both.

The complexity of nature rules out macro-evolution for me. For all the things we see around us to “just happen” is a ridiculous idea to me. The sun shines and the rain falls, trees bear fruit and animals eat and process the energy that came from the sun … chance? No way!

The human body: nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, immune system, … and the list goes on. All of these systems work in the same body to preserve life. Chance? No way!

But there ids the huge question of EVIL in the world controlled by a good God, and here is where I can sympathize with people who doubt the existence of God. It’s a tough question to answer because the innocent often suffer more than the guilty. But for me as a Christian, the cross of calvary showing a suffering God helps to answer these questions because God suffers with His creation. He is not an onlooker but very much involved in the process of ridding this world of evil.

And there is the question of death. Is this really final? Why work so hard only to die and leave everything you’ve worked for behind? Death is the great equalizer because we all return to the dust. Death is such a difficult reality to accept that we concoct theories about what happens to people after death and support the first lie ever told to the human family in claiming that the dead are not really dead. But again I trust the Bible when it says that the dust returns to the dust and the breath returns to God. So the dead are like the stones in your yard. There are not souls in heaven, purgatory or hell. The Bible says that death is a sleep.

So it is comforting to know that my dead little sister is sleeping. She is not in heaven looking at my difficult life without being able to help–what a miserable existence that would be! She is sleeping in the dust.

I believe that our lives here count in service to others and in relieving suffering where ever and whenever we can. The happiest people in the world are not the people with the most money (money brings trouble of its own) but those who serve the most people! The more money you get, the more money you’ll want. It’s the nature of the beast.

I believe that I’m placed in this world to bring glory to the One who created me with a purpose and real happiness comes from making other people happy, not in directly seeking it for myself.

So my philosophy is based on a faith in the Bible and the witness of the historical Jesus of Nazareth.

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