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Autoresponder Series Sample

Here is an example of an autoresponder series written for the promotion of: "The Super Teaching in Japan Handbook" by Craig Desocry.

This is the format in which you'll receive this series of letters. You're given each message and when they should be sent.

=================BEGIN SERIES ===================
Message 1 (Day 1)

Subject: {firstname}, Japan awaits you!

Dear {firstname},

Does your life lack excitement?

Are you just tired of the same-o, same-o routine?
Have you thought about visiting other countries and opening yourself to new and exciting experiences?

Well, that was me BEFORE I moved to Japan and started earning good money as an English teacher. Eight years ago I moved from Hawaii, away from a dead-end job and with little experience to Japan to teach English.

I can tell you that I got a LOT more than I bargained for!

You'll be surprised to know how your view of life can be
broadened by just being exposed to another culture. I think that I've learned more from my Japanese students than they've learned from me.

Here's just a sample of what I find so exciting (and maybe you will too!)

** The great respect I get from my student is second to none. They make me feel like a hero a king!

** In Japan, being a foreigner has its perks and I'm not complaining.

** Instead of competing with thousands of other candidates for the same job it's a great feeling to be finally in demand for what I already know English!

** There's so much to Japanese culture and the country that you have to live here for a while to experience it for yourself. And I never felt safer living anywhere as I do here.

** I own a very successful English school with more than my share of students and I'm doing very well

You may be wondering why YOU should be excited that I run an English school. Well, this means that I can show you all the ropes about teaching English in Japan as well. You could be sharing this wonderful experience that you're reading about right now.

You can find all the details about how my 8 years of experience teaching English in Japan can help YOU by going here:

[[Your Website LINK]]

Now the $75,000 salary that I earn is only part of the thrill of living in Japan. I mean, what is money if you can't enjoy it?

I'm sure that you already have lots of questions and that's why I've laid it all out step-by-step in my book "The Super Teaching in Japan Handbook". In 58 information-packed pages I've answered all the questions I get from time to time from the hundreds of people I've helped over the years to start their Japanese English-teaching experience.

Grazia is one such person. Listen to what she had to say:

"Mr Desorcy's e-book is something I really wish I had when I first came to Japan!! Full of detailed information about the teaching business, success
stories of foreigners active in this unique country gives you the tips for succeeding in the teaching field.

Life changes with the slightest of opportunities. By taking up this e-book, you are also starting to open a new page of your life by enjoying a variety of new business opportunities."

What will you say? Get your copy now!

[[ LINK ]]

Sincerest Regards,



Message 2 (Day 2)

Subject: {firstname}, did you receive my email?

Hi {firstname},

I hope that you read through my message to you yesterday. Because by now you'll realize that working in Japan is more than the money (and you could make a lot of money!).

So the money doesn't hurt either.

Your minimum salary will be $2,500 per month, but that's only the start. As I mentioned yesterday I now make over $6,000 per month and I detail in the book how I 'graduated' to that salary.


All these secret tips are only available to those who've been through the ropes so to speak. I can tell you just what traps to avoid and how to get to the higher salaries as quickly and easily as possible.

In "The Super Teaching in Japan Handbook" you'll discover:

** How to get to Japan for FREE. I mean absolutely free. (And that's without joining the marines!)

** The step-to-step guide to landing your first job.

** Where all the jobs are and the fastest and easiest way to get one without even leaving your home country!

** How to write a perfect resume for this industry. It's a little trickier than you think.

** The do's and don't of taking a "Japanese interview". The rules are a little different here and just one little mistake can make you miss a great opportunity.

** Who are the 'big four' English teacher employers and what to look out for if signing a work contract.

**The minimum amount of money you should travel to Japan with if you're not already here.

There's nothing wrong in trying to maximize your income and save as much money as possible. And I share all these secrets with you in my book.

See for yourself [[LINK]]

Newell was a little surprised with how much I shared. Here's what he said in his own words:

"Craig Desorcy is as real as they come and the information he provides is a steal. I've told him he's stupid for making this information public!"

I know that you'll be a little kinder than to call me "stupid" for revealing it all like this.

Are you ready to make that change in your life?

The time is now [[LINK]]

Sincerest Regards,



Message 3 (Day 4)

Subject: {firstname}, just checking in

Hi {firstname},

I just wanted to check in with you and tell you about a very handy feature of "The Super Teaching in Japan Handbook" at the same time.


The internet is one of the best tools you can use to carry out your research to find out about teaching English in Japan. There are many resources that I found very helpful. This can also be a tedious process as well if you don't know just where to look and what resources are best.

One of the things I found out in my research was that you must be able to separate hype from real facts. I mean there are companies that are out for your money rather than really trying to help YOU.

That is why I've included a very helpful resource section in my book that will save you many hours of research.

You'll learn:

** The best places to start doing your research when deciding to teach abroad.

** Where to find tons of classified ads for foreigners - find a soul mate, job, apartment etc.

** Find information on immigration issues when traveling to or working in Japan.

** A resource for finding schools that can potentially hire you.

** Where to find the essential information that you should know BEFORE coming to Japan.

** Very helpful teaching resources and aids.

** And much more

You'll find this resource section as a very handy tool to help you save time and learn as much as possible about your new venture.

The work has already been done for you!

So if you haven't secured your copy of "The Super Teaching in Japan Handbook" now is the time to do so. This will cut your research time to a minimum.

I promise


Sincerest Regards,



Message 4 (Day 7)

Subject: {firstname}, I want to be your coach.

Dear {firstname},

Change can be a little scary sometimes; especially when you don't have anyone to coach you along the way.

There's nothing like having someone by your side who've 'been there, done that' to guide you and be your protégé.

Now if you got the impression that's once you got my book you're on your own, forgive me. I forgot to mention that I'll be here and available to you by email and even by phone to answer any lingering questions that you might have.

Compare this to buying a book from Amazon.com.

You don't even think about being able to contact an Amazon.com author. But I'm not just an author but I really want to be your trusted friend. (Think that I'll be saying something like that before coming to Japan? Oh, how this country has changed me in just 8 years!. : )


This means that you get FREE consultation from me by email or phone and you can't place a value on that.

In other words I really want to help you. Period.

"I recently contacted Craig and was able to watch his lessons first hand; he is a very genuine and warm person who is dedicated to the betterment of English language teachers in Japan. I recommend him and his book highly." -Ken Marchant

Let me help you make it happen!


Sincerest Regards,



Message 5 (Day 11)

Subject: {firstname}, here's the index of chapters!

Hi {firstname},

Just in case you haven't gotten your copy of "The Super Teaching in Japan Handbook" as yet I'll like to share with you the chapter index to see all the subjects I covered.

This will give a sneak preview of all the information you'll have at your fingertips without any filler or fluff.

Here goes:

The teaching game
Know your outcome
Best time to come
Getting to Japan for free
Close to free
The fastest but very risky way to live and work in Japan
The Resume
What English Schools want
Interview process
Teacher contracts
Working Visa
Slackers beware
Network your way to wealth
80/20 Rule
The teacher
Teaching classes
Teaching Kids
Taking your game to the next level
Freelance magical models
Must have tools for teaching
The skies the limit
The community center king
The full-time free-lancer
How to find the jobs
Speaking Japanese
Get a coach or mentor fast
Mega Resources
Closing comments
About the Author

Just a quick review of these subject areas should help you to see that I didn't leave any stone unturned. This is a very *comprehensive* manual.

And you won't be bogged down with unnecessary nformation but just what you need to be an English teacher in Japan. This is NOT a visitor's brochure telling you about the wonderful sights and smells of Japan.

Just about what you need to know to be a successful English teacher.

You'll agree that you're pretty covered here

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!



"I took a chance and ordered Craig's ebook. It was the best decision I could have made as a beginning English teacher. His motivating book is full of ideas, tips and inspiring stories.

The clear, step-by-step plan for success laid out in his book is a must have for any beginner.

I had the opportunity to speak with Craig and view his incredible classes. Craig is a genuine individual with a passion for teaching. I would recommend this book to anyone starting out as an English teacher.

I haven't stopped talking about Craig's class to my wife since I got back. I can't get over it... I really want that type of enthusiasm in my class."

-Former Lieutenant Charles Young,
United States Navy

Charles has a point!

Sincerest Regards,



Message 6 (Day 16)

Subject: {firstname}, here is a big tip for you.

Hi {firstname},

How is your research and preparation going? It has been 2 weeks now since you requested information about teaching English in Japan.

I know that some people are concerned that they don't have any experience in teaching. I can tell you from EXPERIENCE that you shouldn't let that deter you.

In fact, when I first started out I thought that I wouldn't survive the first day. Then look at me now 8 years later I'm just loving it!

You'll never know what you can do unless you try. And a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Have you taken that first step as yet?


Let me just share this tip with you. The best months are to come to Japan are March and August. These are the times when schools are looking for teachers.

However, having said this, November and December are good too because teachers are going back home and private language schools are looking for people to fill their vacant spots now!

Take note, however, that from around December 28th to January 5th the country closes down for New Year break.

Avoid coming here around August 10th to the 15th as well. This is another major holiday for Japanese people. I suggest March because it's right before April, a significant hiring time in Japan. This is the time of year people start moving into company dormitories, getting transferred and getting hired for new


Remember that I give you a whole *90 days* to evaluate my ebook. If you think that you didn't receive 10 times that value from it then I don't want to keep your money.

Simple as that!

So your risk is zero, zilch, narda you get the point.

Sincerest Regards,



Message 7 (Day 20)

Subject: {firstname}, it's really about your life

Hi {firstname},

You know I was thinking the other day about the great opportunity that has been afforded me to teach English in Japan.

And the bottom line is: It's all about the change it has made in my LIFE.

Just think about it for a minute:

** You get treated like a celebrity without making it in

** You have the time of your life in the Land of the Rising Sun.

** You get cultured and attain practical skills to last a

** You meet people from all over the world in Japan.

** You can be loved and admired by Japanese children and adults.

**You can live and work in one of the safest countries in the WORLD.

** You can become a world traveler.

**You can start a personal development quest in Japan if you choose.

** And much more

If you haven't ordered "The Super Teaching in Japan Handbook" as yet I must admit that I'm a little confused.

Frankly, I'm offering you a major part of my life's experience for less than $30. I mean, take it or leave it, if you continue doing the same things as you've done before you'll continue to get the same results.

I already told you what I did (almost blindly) 8 years ago in leaving my dead-end job and moving to Japan. BUT you don't have to do this because you have me as a guide to lead you gently along the way.

It's about your life and whether you'll live for regrets, because you never made that first simple step, OR you'll look back 10 years from now and be happy that you invested that lousy $27.


Think of the adventure you have to look forward to!

You've waited long enough.

Sincerest Regards,


=============== END OF SERIES =========================

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