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One of the most productive ways to promote your business online and get targeted traffic to your website is through article writing. Once you've distributed your articles people read them and your resource box will direct these readers to your website looking for more good stuff.

Publishing articles builds instant credibility and is a great source of FREE targeted traffic. Many successful internet marketers have used this tools for many years and the best part is that it's practically free.

There are many newsletter publishers who are eager to publish good quality articles and you can supply this need. The only problem is that many people struggle to write a single 600 word article and end up wasting precious time instead of gaining traffic.

Well, the painful struggle is over because I can ghostwrite your articles for you and all you have to do is attached your name to the resource box and they are yours to use as you see fit.

If you you go to the search engines and do a search for "Ray L. Edwards" you'll find that the majority of results show my articles on the websites of other webmasters. People read these articles, click on the link in my resource box and come to my sites to purchase my products.

Of course this also builds my link popularity, a key factor in obtaining high ranking on search engines such as Google.

To have an article written of between 600 - 800 words will cost you only $150 per article. Think of the hours of frustration and just staring at an empty screen that this will save you. And the article is yours to use over and over again.

The same articles are NOT sold to more than one person and YOU will hold full copyright to the article. You may even resell the article to other magazines -- it's all up to you!

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Ray L. Edwards
Published Author, Copywriter, Internet Marketing Consultant.